The Meaning of Life

From what I’ve learned and observed from others is everyone is trying to GET something. Everyone is trying to find the meaning of life, find happiness. People search for happiness, or that one thing that will make their life complete, or changing their external circumstances and then, then they will be happy. I’ve seen people search their whole lives and they never truly find this happiness or meaning in life. So how do we find happiness, our purpose, the meaning of life?  Matthew Kelly explains, “We find the meaning of life by becoming the best versions of ourselves.” Life is choices. In every moment and every choice we are faced with we can either choose to be the best version of ourselves or the not so best of ourselves. This meaning and sense of success comes from always learning, always growing, and always striving for excellence in every area of life. The more we change, everything begins to change for us. I love what Jim Rohn said, “Success is not a doing process, its a becoming process. What you do and who you become will allude you. It can be like chasing butterflies. You attract success by the person you become.”

So, as I’m learning more about the meaning of life and finding my own meaning and purpose, I’m finding out that it has to do with not what I have, not what I do for  living, not my job, not the things I collect throughout life, not my circumstances, its the person I become. Getting in touch with my God given talents and gifts and becoming a person of good character, all these things will be added to me. Another quote by Jim Rhon is this, “For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better you have to get better. When you change everything changes for you.”

The truth is that who you become is much more important than what you do and have. This is a truth lost in our modern day culture  that proclaims what you do and have are the most important things. There is nothing wrong with doing and having, but having it in line up with our purpose in life. What this means to me is, that doing what i do and having what I have is not wrong at all but knowing that its not all that matters is important. Focusing on serving others in what I do and blessing others with what I have is using these things for good and therefore bringing a of joy, happiness, and purpose in my life. I’m looking for oppurtunites to grow and make a difference in my every day life.


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