A Crisis

There seems to be a crisis going on in today’s world. More specifically,  a crisis in commitment. People seem to be not wanting to make commitments, or once made, unable to fulfill them. Fewer and fewer people are getting married. I’ve noticed throughout college, friends, and everyday people I come in contact with, there is a negative outlook on this important relational aspect of our life. You can see the commitment struggle with people’s exercising habits, eating habits, and sleeping habits. I have a heart for this issue we seem to be struggling with today, and I’d like to contribute and help in any way I can to encourage people in their quest for happiness and change.

In reading Matthew Kelly’s book, he talks about his concern with this issue of commitment comes with lack of understanding of our purpose, meaning, and understanding the opposite sex. As humans we need meaning in life and we need to know our purpose. In the area of relationships, I feel a lot of issues arise from not understanding the opposite sex. Yes communication, compromise, and other areas can affect relationships, but taking the time to understand the purpose and design of yourself and the opposite sex is important. You can then learn to appreciate the things that may drive you crazy about the other person by realizing their gifts and talents that they are possibly using in an unhealthy way at the moment.

Matthew Kelly says, “Why do so many people get caught up in their work that they don’t have time for anything else, even the people they love? Is it perhaps that achievement in their work is the only thing that gives them even the vaguest sense of purpose in their lives? Or that because they consciously or subconsciously, believe that their work is their purpose, they completely commit to that purpose and refuse to let anything come between them and the fulfillment of what they have erroneously perceived as their purpose?”

It appears we seem to connect our purpose with success in the work place and financial security. There has to be more meaning to life then the every day hustle and bustle that we so easily get caught up in.


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