The real reasons for divorce…

I was reading a interesting article today about a writers opinion on why divorce is so high and why are people switching to cohabiting rather then marriage and while this topic is a complex one, with many different opinions out there, I wish to share my studies and observation on the subject. The average divorce rate in the U.S in up to 50% and even higher in certain age groups. One reason for divorce, in my opinion, is:

-the unwillingness to try.

Many people go into a marriage and say, “Well, we will try it”, and those marriages don’t work.

-The lack of patience.

In a world of wanting everything right now. Broken hearts and broken relationships are not fixed over night. It takes rebuilding, but unlike a toy that breaks and isn’t as strong once you glue the parts together again, a relationship rebuilt can become stronger then ever.

– The loss of values regarding marriage and family.

People are getting married later in life and even then, some choose to not have kids. I AM not saying these things are wrong by any means, just throwing it out for thought. People are choosing to focus on their careers, building their empires, following their hobbies and interests, family seems to be put on the back burner, when everyone knows the happiest people in life are those who put their focus on their relationships. What’s the point of a empire when you have no one to share it with or leave it to one day? There is nothing wrong with building a business and wanting a great comfortable life, but this is not your whole life, nor the whole purpose of life. We all (myself included people!) should learn to build our jobs, hobbies, etc AROUND our  life, not our life around our jobs.

-Not educating themselves on how to be married, have kids etc.

I think its important to treat having children, building a family, and a marriage with the same time and dedication we have with our jobs, hobbies, careers etc. We will study and dedicate our whole lives to a sport to become the best athlete in your field (and you should!) but treat going into a relationship with a beautiful imperfect human being as if it just happens automatically, and you just fall out of love as quick as you fell in love.

-and frankly laziness.

Relationships take time. They can be frustrating, disappointing, and  emotional, but we cannot grow and be our best self without them! They are a joyous journey!

In conclusion I want to say that I am no way promoting you keep trying and saving your relationship if it is hurting you! Such as physical and emotional abuse. No abuse should ever be summited too. You only submit to love. What I am saying is we should pay attention to these valuable points and implement them into our relationships DAILY!

Remember: “If your relationships aren’t  growing, they are dying. There is no inbetween.” -Matthew Kelly


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