Black ‘ISH’

So, there are several things wrong with this promo video of the show “blackish “. I can appreciate a show that showcases a certain type of race, the culture that goes with that race, maybe some serious issues that have to do with that culture or race, funny inside jokes that may be comical for that certain race or culture, I can appreciate the differences that we have but when you start making shows to push people to think a certain way or constantly reminding us of our differences, to me that adds more to the problem then defusing the problem.
Why do black people continue to “black” their people into voting a certain way, being dedicated to certain political party, or thinking a certain way? Why can’t every black individual think for themselves? Yes, you may have differences that you feel separate you from a white person or another person of a different race but why does that mean that you have to collectively think exactly like every other black person? There is one particular scene in this video that shows a white woman sitting around with her black friends at work saying she voted for Trump as her black friends preceded to call her a racist. First myth is Trump is not a racist, there are black people, black conservatives, black conservative Republicans who voted for him and who stood behind him. Grouping all black people as not voting for Trump, not voting conservative is a lie and that is a false narrative that they are trying to spread.
So, then the woman proceeds to explain she has black friends to defend the racist accusation. I’ve heard this come back before, that you can still be a racist if you have black friends. So If you have black friends, doesn’t mean your not racist and then if you don’t have black friends why is that? You must be racist? So how can we win here?
That just does not make any logical sense.
I am sick and tired of people taking rumors and running with it as truth. The show airs primetime television, children from all ages could watch this, are impressionable and they’re watching it and continue to see Trump is bad, black people don’t like trump, black people vote this way, black people think a certain way, and that is simply not true. Why are we looking at the differences if we ever are to find true unity? Why is the main stream media always preaching equality until you challenge their way of thinking? I like a lot of these actors on the show and it’s just a shame that I will not be watching it even though I enjoy these particular actors. They make me laugh smile and I enjoy their previous projects but I will not be tuning into the show because I do not like this false hateful narrative that is being pushed throughout the media, or TV shows, or celebrities, Or music, it is absolutely ridiculous it’s one of the biggest lies and biggest problems I see right now in our culture.

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