How do we make society better?


In light of all the controversy, division, hate, protests, and violence taking place -supposedly in order to bring awareness to causes such as racism, anti semitic, equality etc.- it made me think about how do we make society better?

Everyone has a cause they wish to ignite others with, everyone has ideas they wish to convey in order to make our culture and society a better place for everyone.

So, how do we fix our deep-rooted issues we seem to be dealing with and face everyday? What is the root cause? Is it as simple as changing laws, regulations, and activist groups?

Or is it taking time to educate one another and build character in others to produce right living and right thinking citizens?

I believe whole heartedly it is the latter.

You see, throwing more laws, more regulations, and rallying more activists to a certain cause, while effective in creating a lot of noise and awareness to the issue, it offers little long-term results in changing the way a society thinks and behaves.

In school we used to teach character as a main source of education from kindergarten all the way through college. Because we used to understand that when we build good character in someone, it takes root in their heart, and what is rooted in the heart comes out through ones behavior.

The definition of racism is: “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

Notice the word BELIEF. This is a belief system, and if a belief system is embedded in a persons heart-in order to change that -we must start with the heart. Start with teaching moral principles and good character to shape a decent wholesome human being who will eventually grow up and contribute to our society.

What I’ve noticed in the Left vs Right is the left almost always tries to bring attention to societies moral failings. You see the left combating issues like we mentioned above: racism, sexism, intolerance, etc. as part of education in our schools today.

Schools are now teaching our children less about the flaws as individuals, and focusing more on the flaws of America. We have ridiculous classes talking about “white supremacy”, “Anti Trump classes”, “Black lives matter education”, and even using Michael Moore videos as sources of literature.

Social issues have thus replaced character education. Ironically, if these social issues are to be fought and changed, it would take good-hearted people of character to change them!

This to me seems so obvious. Why are we moving backwards? We are producing a mass number of Americans that are passionate about fixing issues in America, while doing next to nothing about fixing their character. So how do we fix society if we don’t fix its people first?

 If it is obvious that the only transformation one should work on is the transformation of each citizen then why are we working backwards? Why did we stop teaching character building? Why don’t we value marriage? Why don’t we value the strong family dynamic which includes a strong male figure in the home?

I believe these values and morals have been lost on purpose.

The more chaotic a society becomes the more the government steps in seeking to control the environment and its people.  I believe it is all a plan of control and power. Perhaps this is why the right, for the most part, seeks to change society by changing the heart of people one individual at a time. This process may take longer then we would like, but it is the only way to produce long -lasting results that echo’s through eternity. Freedom requires self-control. The freer the society, the more self-control is necessary, which requires strong moral character.

Whether the government seeks to change its ways and actually come up with a plan to start educating and teach character building, which I don’t believe they ever will, we must take it upon ourselves. It starts in the home.

Schools may not be doing it, but I believe we as parents, or guardians, have the responsibility to teach moral character in our young ones who will eventually go out into the world, contributing, and shaping our society. Even as friends, neighbors, and colleagues- we should all challenge one another-and strive to helping each other become the best version of ourselves. Change starts within ones self, and then that wisdom spills over into our loved ones, and one by one you start to change the world. Your light soon becomes a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

View Directly Below of Seven Primary School Children Huddled Together Looking at the Camera

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