Yesterday on the talk show The View they had conservative host Tomi Lahren on their show. Of course they asked her a series of questions to try and get her conservative response but what I was disappointed with is when they asked her on the issue of being pro-choice or pro-life.

Tomi stated she is pro-choice because she is “constitutional” and  doesn’t believe the government has the right to tell woman what to do with their bodies.

Okay. I actually like Tomi, as a millennial, l myself have resinated with some of the things she has said in the past. I think she is smart, beautiful, and I admire her courage to share her conservative viewpoint. However, I whole heartedly disagree with her stance on abortion.

And thats okay. But lets take a look at what exactly is going on here…

First of all the case of Roe vs. Wade that legalized abortion is a story that is never told to its fullest.

Yes Roe was a rape victim, but did you know she actually carried her baby full term, delivered, and then adopted the baby out and allowed the baby to be loved? Row then grew up to turn pro-life and spent the rest of her days sharing her story and inspiring others to value life.

In fact this justification that is often used for abortion is a very small percentage. Abortions due to rape only amount to 1% of the population. 50% of woman choose abortion, 32% choose life, and 6% choose adoption plans. In fact woman have gone on record saying that children conceived through rape are often considered by their biological mothers to be the only redemption from such violence like rape. We shouldn’t resort to violence (abortion) to combat rape.

I would love to know the words in the Constitution that actually say its okay to take another humans life. Supreme Justices use words like “Reliance”, as in woman have to rely on abortion to be equal, as their excuse for their choices.

And what about what abortion does to the black community?

In NYC alone more black babies are killed then there are born.

In fact for every 1000 black babies born nearly 1300 are aborted! 60% of black babies were aborted in 2010, the most ever reported. And this is what we call “Reproductive justice?” I call it black genocide.

This is in comparison to 244 babies aborted to evert 1000 born of white races. 70% of government Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. If this black genocide continues will the black community face extinction? Science tells us for a race and its population to continue it needs a minimum of 2 kids per household.

How will the race survive if life isn’t given a chance? In fact the National Unintended Pregnancy Rate of 49% hasn’t bugged since 1995 despite Planned Parenthoods taxpayer welfare of a half a billion annual.

Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood and its abortion clinics do not do anything to “empower” woman.

There have been several ex-employees of the billion dollar abortion chain that have stated they have a quota to meet and encourage and play on young woman’s emotions to talk them into killing their babies.

The research is scary and by buying into the rhetoric that we are “empowering” woman to take the lives of potential love, potential gifts, and the potential talents of a life, especially black lives, all for the profits of those who practice abortion, we must ask ourselves, are we really equal?


Resources and stats found at http://www.theradiancefoundation.org/


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