The Trump/Hitler delusion

So, this on going comparison between President Trump and Hitler really has me scratching my head.

I understand the democrats and liberal media have a strong distaste for Trump, and thats putting it lightly, but I really have never understood any similarities between the two leaders that is as alarming as the media portrays.


This Trump/Hitler narrative has been going on for a while but what gave me the push to actually write about it was a billboard sign that went up in my home city of Phoenix, Arizona that shows President Trump in-between two Nazi signs. Let me share with you a few quick facts on what Hitler really had done during his dictatorship and just how ridiculous this comparison is.

First the Nazi party is also called the National Socialist Party. I once had a debate with someone who said the Socialist party of the Nazi’s is different than the socialists we have today.

WRONG! To quote Adolf Hitler himself,

We are socialists, we are enemies of todays capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, unfair salaries…we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” -Hitler May 1 1926

Which political party right now talks about a socialistic society and hating on the wealthy?

Socialists are socialists.

Hitler also was a fan of abortion. He practiced forced sterilization on black woman, jews, and any race he felt was inferior to the white race. He studied racial purity and was even visited multiple times by Planned Parenthood founder Margret Sanger who believed the same racist ideology. Which party is the party that favors and protects Planned Parenthood?

Adolf Hitler oversaw the slaughter of six million Jews, as well as the murders of millions of others, including Polish, Serbian, and Russian political prisoners; the mentally and physically handicapped (who often underwent forced sterilization); gypsies, and gay people in concentration camps across Europe during World War II.

The Nazi Holocaust of Europe’s Jews — who were singled out for destruction — is considered the most infamous genocide in modern history. Hitler’s victims were gassed to death, forced on so-called “death marches,” lined up to be shot in firing lines, and had their remains burned in crematoriums. Others starved to death or died from illnesses and diseases spread throughout the camps. (1)

And that is just a quick little review. You can dig and do your own research for yourself to find more.

So, again, what is this comparison liberals make of Trump and Hitler because I don’t see it.


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