Immigrants Are All Gods Children

There seems to be this notion that if your against illegal immigration you are against immigration in general, a racist, and against human equality.

When did it become so hard to differentiate the problems illegal immigration propose and legal immigration?

I have never met anyone or heard anyone argue that immigrants are bad people. We can all agree that our ancestors immigrated here long ago, but these same people when forming colonies and the states, also all agreed on the rules and laws to govern our land.

According to Rabbi Jonah Pesner, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, “This is not about partisanship, but about vulnerable populations who need protection, whether it’s the LGBT community, the refugee community, the undocumented community.”

This was a quote from an article I recently read that inspired me to write about this subject. What a completely ignorant thing to say as a leader and Rabbi.

Who is threatening the LGBT community? And why does the undocumented deserve rights in the U.S like legal citizens?

This is completely irresponsible and a dis-service to actual law-abiding, tax paying citizens of the United States.

The problem with illegal immigration is people coming into ones country whether it’d be the U.S, Australia, France you name it, taking advantage of that countries system, which was designed by taxpayers to help the citizens of that country. This is not racist or anti-anything.

Then, you have the issue of making sure we don’t have bad people coming over that want to hurt the citizens of that country.

Look, we live in a fallen world. Its unfortunate but its the world we live in. And there are bad people out there. It is any leader of any countries sole and first responsibility to its people to protect them. This is not a new concept. In fact when Kings reigned over Kingdoms, the glory and success of a King is looked at how well his kingdom, or people, have been taken care of. The people’s security and economic prosperity is what reflects the Kings leadership. This should not be hard to grasp.

Now of course, immigrants, whether here legally or illegally, refugees etc. are all apart of the human race. We are all Gods children indeed and this isn’t an issue of looking down at other human beings as less than and treating them as such. This isnt a race issue like some try to claim. Without getting into all the aspects of illegal immigration whether it’d be disease, loss of jobs for the American worker, terrorism, people wanting to take advantage of the system etc. it does more harm to our society then it does good.

To sum it all up, this has NOTHING to do with immigrants who come here and take the proper steps to become a legal citizen, contribute their thoughts and ideas to our country, and try to make a better life for themselves. We love this, and invite people to join. So, lets stop mixing the two and understand this is about ILLEGAL immigration and the concerns it poses on our society, not immigrants who want to contribute and become legal.

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