Feminism vs. Truth: Gender Wage Gap

Today is #EqualPayDay. The day where feminist try to bring awareness to the “injustice” of the wage gap between men and women to educate us all that after all these years we are in fact still not equal. On this day as I scrolled through several twitter posts with the “facts” and “data” used to support this claim, I was inspired to dig a little deeper rather than believe the propaganda that is fed to me with just a click on my phone!

Let me offer some additional facts to this wildly false claim-Men make more than Women. First off, Women in the United States and Western Europe are the freest and most liberated in human society. This is something that should be celebrated-how far we have come and the endless possibilities we have as women in the United States.

The 23cent gender wage gap statistics is based upon the average earning of men and the average earnings of women who work full-time. This does not take into account for differences in occupation, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. Women do not make 78 cents per dollar a man makes. In 2010 it was 81 cents for white women, 83 cents for Asians, 91 cents for hispanic women, and 94 cents for black women. According to the Department of Labor this so-called “wage gap” is due to men working longer hours and more high risk jobs such as construction. You simply cannot take an occupation, lets say, a doctor and say the women makes less than the men for doing the same work. You have to take into account not everyone is a surgeon which pays more than a family physician. A women may make less because she only works part-time becuase she is also juggling a family and children. One may take more time off then the other, have a different degree, the list goes on and on. I happen to know some married couples where the women actually makes more then her significant other.

I am disappointed there is so much hype over something that is practically none existent instead of being proud of what we have as women and as a nation. We are so fortunate, so blessed, and have so much more then other women in other countires. I wonder if the actually oppressed women in other countires laugh at us when we play the victim card and complain about how we arent all “equal”. There is actual ineqaulity going on in several other areas across our globe that deserve more time and attention then a false “wage gap”. Lets not foolishly squander the opportunities we have in this country to be anything we want to be.


Below is a 5 minute video that has a great explanation on the wage gap:


Some info provided by http://www.theradiancefoundation.org/

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